As anyone that has used LiDAR or other point-cloud data before knows, the datasets generated are typically large, cumbersome, and difficult to visualise or work with.

Geoverse Convert

Geoverse Convert solves all these problems, by compressing data down to 5-20% of its original size – without degrading quality – and enabling it to be viewed in the Geoverse MDM package in less than a second – no matter how large the data is, or if it’s coming from a hard drive, flash drive, local server, or the internet. 

Supported Formats: UDS, OBJ, BIN, E57, FBX, LAS, LAZ, FLS, PTS, PLY, PTX, XYB XYZ/TXT and LlargBin.

Benefits of UDS

• You can run and interact with models of unlimited size
• Loading times have been reduced to less than a second for any size data model
• The model can be stored in one place in your building and all can access it
• Storage compaction to between 5-20% of original .LAS size

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Geoverse Convert Release Notes

Geoverse Convert