How AR Cortex brings unlimited detail to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the set of technologies that allow the user to take virtual data and combine it with their surroundings and view the result in real time. The result allows us to supplement our limited senses with a myriad of possible information sources

Examples range from the heads up displays used by fighter pilots to the popular game Pokémon GO. As portable consumer technology supporting this has become completely ubiquitous (as a hint you almost certainly carry an AR device around with you at all times) the avenues for integrating this very recently science fiction technology into our lives has expanded exponentially.

ARCortex is a solution agnostic R&D consultancy specializing in Augmented Reality. They have been using udStream for customised AR solutions integrating massive scale 3D point cloud and photogrammetry streaming to low spec hardware.

Project compiled by Johan Balliot, AR Cortex

At its basic level AR technology works in three broad steps

  • Determine the location, orientation and other environmental properties from the device sensors
  • Retrieve or calculate additional information based on the sensed parameters
  • Relay this information back to the user, usually but not always by overlaying the information onto the users view

With the advent of cheap portable hardware to the market, AR promises to bring substantial improvements to a plethora of industries ranging from medicine to logistics. In order to maintain competitive advantage, savvy businesses are already looking to AR to increase productivity improve safety, and minimize downtime.

Unlimited Detail meets Augmented Reality 

Traditionally the sole domain of surveyors and GIS experts, due to prohibitive hardware and processing requirements, our Unlimited Detail (UD) engine enables the visualisation of high-density point-cloud data on consumer grade portable devices (i.e. your phone, tablet or head mounted device). In concert with AR Cortex’s R&D expertise, udSDK facilitates an unprecedented level of real time access to cloud hosted point-cloud data to operators on the ground numerous industries including construction, mining and military.  

Early testing has successfully utilised udSDK with Unity 3D and ARCore to successfully anchor point-cloud models to the environment. This opens up opportunity for specialist customers to create applications such as: 

  • Provide enhanced situational awareness giving the operator the ability to literally see through walls  
  • Enable technicians the view historical scan of machinery or construction sites, or enhanced information such as subsurface scans, displacement, or chemical content 
  • View detailed scans of planned work (for example moving a large scanned structure to site) in situ 
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