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Instantly view the entire planet or the entire ocean floor at 1mm resolution.

udStream can visualise terabytes of underwater sea floor data.​

From Military to Government Transport & Maritime, underwater visualisation is our most recent growth area. Point Cloud is a perfect way to visualise such massive areas, and once captured has big advantage over visual camera systems, as it is not affected by sunlight depth, murky conditions or other geological factors.

Combine land, ocean and shore point cloud datasets into one.

udStream enables the user to combine scans from multiple different geological areas, from Aerial Laser Survey to bathymetric to drone. There is no limit to how much data can be loaded at once, even multiple file types, including greyscale/intensity, colour and classification.

Dataset by GEBCO

Visualise channel and ocean beacon markers, and sea floor map tiles anywhere on earth.​

Euclideon has supported Thales’s activities at Pacific – International Maritime Exposition in Sydney. Thales’s Underwater Systems business has utilised Euclideon udStream for the display of disparate, high resolution SONAR data from differing platforms. 


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