2020-05-28 / Industry, udStream

The ‘missing piece’ of the operational Rail puzzle

Euclideon Rail customers agree that Euclideon udStreamsolves the problem that Rail owners, operators and managers face, of not previously being able to visualize massive amounts of cloud-point data, but how exactly do they use udStream on an operational level?  The answer is, ‘in many ways’. From visualizing massive 3D models of point-cloud data through real-time IoT asset monitoring to streaming access […]
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2020-05-22 / Industry, udStream

IoT asset tracking moves Rail industry forward

Euclideon’s advanced IoT real-time tracking capability is set to revolutionise the worldwide rail industry. In addition to providing world-leading 3D data rendering of massive point cloud and photogrammetry models, Euclideon is opening up opportunities across the market for live monitoring of passenger and freight rail assets via a surprising feature – real-time IoT tracking. This new way of viewing up-to-the minute train data on a 3D model brings with it advanced capabilities for planning, situation […]
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2020-05-12 / udStream

Just what is udStream?

We’ve had lots of requests for an overview of ‘just what is Euclideon udStream?’ and ‘what can it do for my business better than any other 3D Point Cloud data visualisation software?’ To answer some of these questions we’ve put together a 1 minute ‘Introduction to udStream’ video. Check it out here:
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