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Browser Client

No credit card. No charge.

Euclideon udStream is now available within a browser.

What is udStream Browser?

Access the unlimited rendering power of Euclideon udStream from within your web browser.

You can now visualise massive datasets, stream projects, and manipulate and analyse your huge point cloud and photogrammetry models without needing to download any software.

Getting started with Browser

Why should I use udStream Browser?

The browser version of udStream contains many of the powerful features of udStream Apps, with no need to install software.

Special concerns for cloud hosted models

If you wish to load your own UDS models in the Browser environment then you need to understand this next important bit.

Due to browser and cloud hosting security settings, streaming models in the browser requires a HTTPS server with a valid certificate and support for CORS, 206 Partial Requests and doesn’t block referrer linking (hotlinking). The required allowed methods are HEAD, GET & OPTIONS and the required headers are Content-Length, Content-Type & Range. Your IT department will be able to provide this. Microsoft Azure, Alibaba AliCloud (OSS) and Amazon AWS (S3) are our recommended storage providers.


Visit our forums at https://desk.euclideon.com if you encounter any other problems. Our Community of experts are always eager to help you with your issues. Screenshots are welcome! 

udStream Browser limitations

One constraint is that you can only view models that are hosted in the Cloud – the browser is not able to load local files. We have included the standard cloud hosted demonstration models in the projects drop down menu the same as udStream desktop.

udStream Browser is intended primarily as a visualizing tool and not for conversion into UDS format. However, Convert DOES work, although again only for cloud hosted datasets – and you can only write to specific destination and temporary areas within the browser sandbox – there is no way to get the converted data out.

Ultra-Fast visualisation of unlimited detail 3D models

Access massive models from the cloud for sharing and collaboration

Take it anywhere - access udStream on any laptop running supported browser applications

No installation required

works with:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Compatible with most cloud hosting services

Can be hosted publicly for open collaboration or private for internal sharing


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