Euclideon is a forward-thinking, advanced technology company based in Brisbane, Australia, best known for its Unlimited Detail (UD) 3D visualisation technology. The revolutionary nature of UD – that is, a complete rethinking of what was considered possible – is a fundamental philosophy of the company.

By continually developing technologies that redefine the status quo, Euclideon has proudly positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of 3D visualisation – setting new industry benchmarks, and enabling customers to use data in completely new and exciting ways.

Euclideon’s unparalleled, ground-breaking technology has opened a whole world of new opportunities, inspiring its customers to create new products, new levels of efficiency, new insights into data, new ways of presenting ideas, and countless other future possibilities, not yet able to be imagined.

With Euclideon, anything is possible.

Open to unimagined possibilities

Providing the key to the gateway between the virtual world and reality, Euclideon’s technologies are more than simple re-engineered ideas in a ‘me too’ world — they empower whole new, previously unimagined possibilities that increase productivity, add value to data, and will soon change the world.

Euclideon is determined to remain one step ahead of the game – this can be experienced not only through its pioneering technologies, but also in its passion for delivering unparalleled visualisation experiences and next-level customer service, anywhere across the globe.

From gaming to mining, medical to architectural, simulation to education, Euclideon’s game-changing technologies are laying down a new type of foundation for industry visionaries to build upon and will be behind the biggest shifts in workflows, products, and concepts that we’ll see over the coming years.

making life easier for you

The driving force behind Euclideon is the fundamental belief that technology needs to be used by everyday people, which is why Euclideon invents powerful products that are not only simple and intuitive but also fun to use.

Despite the complexity of the data that is being visualised, Euclideon strives to make its software as easy and intuitive to use as possible. The 3D fly-throughs are accessible through a simple drag-n-drop interface, and navigable by the now ubiquitous dual-stick gaming controller.

Breaking new ground

Euclideon was awarded the largest government technology grant in 2010 by Commercialisation Australia, an initiative of the Australian Government. It is a competitive, merit-based assistance program offering funding and resources to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors looking to commercialise innovative intellectual property.