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Euclideon is a cutting-edge 3D data technology company with a head office in Australia, that innovates based on current and future business pain-solving. Euclideon continually develops geospatial solutions that redefine the landscape of possibility. With an enviable pedigree in digital transformation in 3D data rendering and streaming, Euclideon has evolved into a world leader in 3D data visualisation and management.

City of Richmond

British Columbia, Canada

Huge data sets, representing information gathered, have resulted in extremely long periods of post-processing and an end-product which, while impressive to view and manipulate in small sections, has often been too large to be viewed in its entirety without expensive workstations. This was the issue facing the City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, as it worked to move its GIS effort—which included monitoring of the city’s 47 km long series of dikes—forward.


French Railways

France's national state-owned railway company, SNCF Reseau, employs Euclideon world-leading 3D rendering technology for easy visualisation of very large datasets. But, with 55 000 km of tracks, 14 000 km of electrified lines, 2 800 km of high speed lines and some very old bridges and tunnels, the scale of the project was far from insignificant.

Dataset by GEBCO

Thales Group

Thales was first introduced to Euclideon in 2018 at an SME Industry Engagement Seminar hosted with the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) at Thales’ Eagle Farm site. Following the initial introduction, Thales’ Global Supply Chain (GSC) team was invited to visit Euclideon’s facility in Brisbane where they were immediately impressed by not only Euclideon’s stunning 3D graphics but how, in the background, they were manipulating terrabytes of data to provide real time moving images.


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