Euclideon Present

Combining simplicity with exceptional features

EUCLIDEON PRESENT has been designed to be an all-inclusive 3D data visualization solution for the Euclideon Hologram Table and Hologram Room.

With Present, users can build presentations and visualise 3D models before displaying them on the Hologram Table, alleviating the need to power up the Table just to view datasets. Present can store which models to be presented along with relative information such as position, rotation and scale, and all other information about a scene, including lighting, labels and other measurements.  Present can be used to build a scene of objects that need specific positioning and sizing, and will retain this information when viewed on another device such as the Hologram Table. 

  • Provides comprehensive lossless conversion on import & export for many polygon and point-cloud interchange file formats
  • Extensively optimised to get the best out of your available hardware
  • Draw acceleration system provides the fastest possible way to view your polygon datasets
  • Enables users to view 3D models and store position, rotation, scale, labels, lighting effects and much more without powering on the Hologram Table
  • Complimentary with every Hologram Table purchase

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