Hologram Rooms for Entertainment

holoverse for entertainment

immersed in data

Often referred to CAVEs in other fields, Hologram Rooms traditionally require a huge amount of processing power to run, along with a lot of supporting hardware. The rooms end up expensive with many components making the technology unstable and hard to maintain.

more power, less hardware

Powered by Unlimited Detail, Euclideon’s Hologram Rooms can operate at the same level as standard CAVEs using a single machine. The reduction in hardware requirements makes out Hologram Rooms more reliable and stable at a fraction of the price.


  • Unlimited Detail: The Hologram Room uses Euclideon’s own 3D graphics engine, allowing unlimited use of life-like 3D graphics without the long load times
  • Immerse: Give users the chance to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world that floats around them in reality.
  • Animate: Bring experiences to life with fully animated characters, flora and fauna
  • Interact: The wand controller can become a tool for interacting with the world. Fight off aliens with a holographic sword, catch butterflies in a net or interact with ancient ruins
  • Grow: Give your users a giant’s view of the world with shrunken environments to explore or conquer
  • Shrink: Reveal unseen microscopic world and give your users a chance to get up close and personal with the small things in life

Franchising opportunities

Purely physical attractions (laser tag, rides, arcades) need to be renovated, replaced or added to regularly in order to maintain consumer interest. This is usually costly and requires temporary closure or business disruption to complete.

As a platform for digital content, Hologram Rooms can have new experiences added regularly at no extra cost and without disruption, allowing centres to maintain interest without losing business time.

being a holoverse franchisee

New games and experiences are available for franchisees every 2.5 months to coincide with major holiday periods. The majority of this content is made in-house by Euclideon and some is made by participating partners.

Already Holoverse has six experiences available:

Experiences Volume 1

Planetarium pt 1

Planetarium Pt 2

False Eden

Fly Over The Gold Coast

Veggie Patch Valley

if you are interested in opening a holoverse centre in your area and would like more information on purchasing and licensing agreements, please contact us below

technical specifications

  • Hologram Rooms:
    • Delivered in flat-packed “elevator-friendly” crates.
    • Our installation team will build, calibrate and train for the rooms anywhere in the world.
    • Minimum space requirements:
      • W: 5965mm
      • D: 5100mm
      • H: 3000mm
    • Standing weight: 500kg
    • Flat-pack weight: 750kg
    • 2500w capacity power outlet is required adjacent to back wall

Full compatibility with other Euclideon Software:

  • Geoverse MDM and Convert
  • Solidscan
  • Vault

supported formats

  • Polygons
    • The room will accept unconverted standard polygon graphics up to reasonable density, or you can convert the polygons to UD point cloud data to run them with the more powerful UD algorithm
  • Laser Scanning
    • Though scans are known for slowing computers down, the Room will run LiDAR and laser scan data of any size, including mobile scans of cities or aerial scans of countries
  • Photogrammetry
    • The Hologram Room will run hundreds of photogrammetised objects without framerate issues. Baking these objects into larger groups will allow for an even higher density
  • 2D Graphics
    • The Hologram Room can also accept 2D objects such as maps, photos or floorplans