Hologram Rooms

what is a HOLOGRAM room?

A Hologram Room is a controlled environment designed to create holographic experiences.

Wearing lightweight glasses a user’s viewpoint is tracked to present 3D objects into the space.

The objects made of light particles appear real enough to touch and via the tracked wand, complex interactions are possible.

unlimited detail

Similar systems known as CAVEs typically sell for prices in excess of $1,000,000 USD. These systems usually require a cluster of high powered machines to operate.

Due to Euclideon’s patented Unlimited Detail engine, our Hologram Rooms can showcase vast datasets. Detailed terrain, CAD models, interactive art assets – all possible on one moderate-grade computer.

Unlimited Detail is at the core of all of Euclideon’s products and is recognised around the world as one of the most efficient technologies for visualising 3D data.

What can i do with it?

While the rooms have been commercially deployed into the gaming and entertainment industry, Euclideon have also supplied for Defense, Aviation, Property Development and Education.

Euclideon can create custom content for you or train your staff to create experiences for staff training, induction, sales and presentation tools, psychological therapy and infrastructure planning.


  • Unlimited Detail: The Hologram Room utilises the most powerful point cloud renderer on the planet. Sub-millimetre accuracy over kilometre ranges? No problem.
  • Import: Import traditional polygon models to arrange alongside point cloud data seamlessly
  • Project Management: Have everything exactly how you left it. Load and save Geoverse MDM projects directly from the Hologram Room.
  • Flexible Models: Arrange your scene exactly how you desire. Powerful manipulation tools allow you to scale, transform and rotate your scene data
  • Bookmarks and Labels: Use Bookmarks to store important camera locations for recall and Labels for at-a-glance reference. Then use them in tandem for automated flythroughs for presentations
  • Measure: Perform accurate measurement across hectares of point-cloud and polygon data. Compare the fit of your design with your built-in scans

technical specifications

  • Hologram Rooms:
    • Delivered in flat-packed “elevator-friendly” crates.
    • Our installation team will build, calibrate and train for the rooms anywhere in the world.
    • Minimum space requirements:
      • W: 5965mm
      • D: 5100mm
      • H: 3000mm
    • Standing weight: 500kg
    • Flat-pack weight: 750kg
    • 2500w capacity power outlet is required adjacent to back wall

Full compatibility with other Euclideon Software:

  • Geoverse MDM and Convert
  • Solidscan
  • Vault

supported formats

  • Polygons
    • The room will accept unconverted standard polygon graphics up to reasonable density, or you can convert the polygons to UD point cloud data to run them with the more powerful UD algorithm
  • Laser Scanning
    • Though scans are known for slowing computers down, the Room will run LiDAR and laser scan data of any size, including mobile scans of cities or aerial scans of countries
  • Photogrammetry
    • The Hologram Room will run hundreds of photogrammetised objects without framerate issues. Baking these objects into larger groups will allow for an even higher density
  • 2D Graphics
    • The Hologram Room can also accept 2D objects such as maps, photos or floorplans