Holoverse Professional

What is holoverse professional?

Holoverse Professional is an interactive platform for the creation of custom, holographic experiences in our Holoverse Room product. 3D models can be imported to compare scale and distance

– the power is yours.

Harnessing the power of Euclideon’s patented Unlimited Detail algorithm, Holoverse Professional provides a portal to terabyte sized data sets in a manner that imparts a true sense of scale.

Utilising this core technology, massive data sets can be streamed from external servers with no load times.


While the rooms have been deployed into gaming and entertainment, Euclideon have also supplied for the Defence, Aviation, Property Development and Education industries.

Euclideon can create custom content or train you and your staff to create experiences for staff training, induction, sales and presentations, psychological therapies and infrastructure planning.

Holoverse professional is compatible with all euclideon software products including

Geoverse MDM

Geoverse Convert

Holoverse Rooms

Euclideon Vault