A new world of holographic entertainment

Holoverse is Euclideon Entertainment’s first public offering. Powered by the Unlimited Detail engine, Holoverse offers a new take on virtual reality entertainment. Our hologram rooms are featured and operated in our arcade located on the Gold Coast.

the next generation of vr

Holoverse’s hologram rooms are not the same as traditional virtual reality. With traditional VR, you find yourself wearing a bulky headset with two displays on the inside, providing the illusion of a world in front of you.

Instead, what we have done is create a 3D projection that allows our players to see the 3D world projected in front of them – a virtual object the user can walk around and view from many angles. This is closer to the Star Trek holodeck than our current virtual reality offerings. From fast-paced action to education – as seen with our Planetarium – our technology offers a truly immersive experience.

Our holographic entertainment technology –  our hologram rooms – are coupled with a content development kit for the next generation of arcade games, and arcade gaming as an industry.