Visualise 3D data in Unlimited Detail™ with collaboration and sharing


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Who we are

We are a passionate team who develop the world's most powerful 3D rendering capability and associated software solutions.

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What Euclideon provides

Cloud Storage




Centralised Data


Visualise 3D geospatial data of unlimited size without compromising performance
Powerful tools and software with customisable options for your real-time needs
Collaborate live with your colleagues and partners in 3D environments
Upload data from many different sources and access it across multiple different devices
Single link sharing without registration or payment requirements
Centralise your data with a single platform and access it anywhere without duplication

Why Euclideon?

Data Friendly

Industry Standard

Supporting many major 2D and 3D file types and datasets
Tools and features that meet your workflow requirements
Unlimited Detail geospatial size down to 1 mm resolution
Unlock your data across your entire network
Built for use on any device, with unlimited bandwidth




Customer Feedback

"By comparison, with udStream, the fact that we are able to "fly" the entire island, look around and see landmarks and other reference points, made them gasp.
I always believe in spreading the word when I find something that is truly game-changing - this is definitely such a case!"

City of Richmond

Bristish Columbia, Canada

"We've seen tangible gains in overall productivity that have come from Euclideon helping us streamline workflows and collaborate on projects more efficiently."

Frank Richard

SNCF Reseau, France

"With udStream, we receive 2D drawings from our survey people and turn those into actual features on the ground.
Areas such as sewer and water, drainage and so on benefit from that."

Michael Bledistel

City of Richmond, Canada

"The acquisition of LiDAR data is not a problem across most industries, it's the databasing, visualisation and interaction that is the bottleneck.
udStream provides a solution to help with the storage and flow of point cloud data."

Evan Jones

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BHP Australia

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