What do we do for maritime?

Underwater visualisation is our most recent growth area. Customers in the defence, government, transport or utilities industries have struggled capturing photogrammetry models in murky, poorly lit conditions, while visualising ‘point cloud’ radar and lidar scans of large subterranean landscapes has traditionally been expensive and inefficient.

What do we offer?

Euclideon’s udStream platform not only provides rapid visualisation of large point cloud datasets in Unlimited Detail™, but also allows customers to combine datasets from different sources into the same 3D model – bringing context to previously disparate datasets across vast geographies and timeline.

Swim through your 3D data.

Polygon filtering

The polygon filter creates the ability to filter complex sections of massive 3D point clouds to enable further analysis, this mean our customers can work with their 3D datasets in an accurate, fast, and user-friendly platform.

Change Detection

Change detection allows the comparison of two different 3D data sets in real-time, Which allows you to make fast and intuitive choices in the real world. Finding differences in the point clouds becomes obvious by using user-defined colors. Change detection allows your team to make better quality decisions.

Combine land, ocean and shore point cloud datasets into one.

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