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3D visualization has become popular over time as various industries have realized its plus points. A company based out of Australia, Euclideon, has been a path breaking presence in this space, setting new industry benchmarks, and enabling customers to use data in completely new ways.

Founded in 2010, Euclideon has its roots in the geospatial industry but today the company’s technology helps solve problems all over the world by eliminating the need for high-end graphics cards. Its technology has quite simply given computers unlimited 3D graphics power. Their solutions help a diverse range of markets including Governments, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation and Roads, Town Planning, Surveying, Mining, Underwater Mapping and many more.

The technology has raked in many laurels and has been featured in thousands of media articles and forums worldwide, including Popular Science and New Scientist magazines.

“Euclideon’s revolutionary 3D visualization technologies are only achievable because of the team’s unwavering belief that anything is possible by constantly re-thinking the impossible.”

The Euclideon Difference

Point cloud datasets are very important for spatial measurements. They are mostly generated using 3D laser scanners and LiDAR technology. These single points when stitched together create a complete capture of a scene. The Euclideon udStream software helps people visualize massive Point Cloud datasets.

Imagine a laser scan – a scan of our planet, Earth. That scan would be approximately 37 Zettabytes of raw 3D data. Now, 37 Zettabytes as you would imagine requires a lot of time to process and view. But with Euclideon by your side, you could view it in just less than one second with no compromise on area and detail.

The agnostic nature of Euclideon udStream, the company’s flagship product, means that there would be no problem with different inputs, export file types, and workflows. The software allows its customers to host models centrally and share with thousands of users even at places where the bandwidth is limited. This can be done even on very low spec hardware PCs, tablets and mobile devices. While it works great on Linux, Macs, and PCs, Euclideon udStream comes in a version that works in a web browser too.

The governments and organizations of the world go to great lengths to capture massive LiDAR datasets. For instance, the UK DEFRA 25cm LiDAR dataset is over 15 terabytes in size. It needed to be split into tiles of 500m X 500m. These tiles needed to be downloaded individually. This meant that the number of tiles would be well over 500,000. All these tiles can be combined into a single dataset using Euclideon udStream and opened simultaneously in under one second. Through its software, Euclideon is continuously pushing the envelope forward and changing the game for their customers.

Daniel Zhang, the CEO of Euclideon says, “When our customers are able to visualize, share and access 3D data in a way never thought possible, recreate a digital twin of an entire city, rail or road network, or airport with live IoT tracked assets, I am filled with a sense of pride at what our team has been able to achieve.”

Vision For the Future

Euclideon will continue to work on its plans of expanding its operations as it partners with more and more organizations all over the world. But the company remains committed to its original vision which was to help people view the world through great 3D visualization experiences. Euclideon is expected to remain at the forefront of 3D data technologies, as unlimited-sized 3D data is integrated with AI, IOT, 5G to create the digital twin world.