What do we do for mining?

From visualising massive 3D point-cloud data through to real-time IoT asset monitoring to change detection of complex geotechnical faults, Euclideon is leading the digital mine revolution. Read on to see how Euclideon helps mining companies take advantage of digitisation to increase efficiency and productivity safely while minimising costs.

Case Study

This is a project to catalogue the entire collection of geological data in the Northwest Mineral Province “New Discovery Program”.

Funded by the Queensland Government, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) and GSQ, they are bringing together data collected for over a century and for the first time, into one platform.​

Your digital mine site solution.


Mining & mineral companies do not want to be trapped in technology silos, wasting time by moving data between software packages and grappling with different data formats – this is where Euclideon comes in.

Euclideon adds clarity to the ‘data blindness’ by fusing together all data source types, both big and small into a consolidated 3D visualisation of the object, asset, tunnel or entire mine eco-system.


Leveraging the best digital technologies including cloud-enabled mobility, big data-powered analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that mining companies are connecting the entire mining value chain from sensor to boardroom.

As the mining industry embraces digital technology it becomes increasingly reliant on sensor technology, to help provide deep and live asset monitoring and tracking data.

With everything from automated trucks through ventilation and heavy equipment all needing critical monitoring combined with the cheap availability of sensor hardware, IoT adoption has further escalated.

Dramatically improve safety standards with real-time data communication.

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