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Unlocking 'data value' for Mining organisations: Steps to becoming a digital mine

From visualizing massive 3D models of pit ‘as built’ point-cloud data through real-time IoT asset monitoring to change detection of complex geotechnical faults, Euclideon are leading the digital mine revolution and ‘unlocking data value’ by developing tailored data sharing, consolidation and visualisation solutions, for the world's largest and mining organisations.










Investment into technology innovations such as automation, robotics, remote monitoring and collaboration has been the realm of the major mining companies for several years but it has become an imperative for resource companies of all sizes to take advantage of digitalization with the aim of introducing efficiencies, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Harnessing the power of digitalization and workflow automation has become simpler, more accessible and cost effective with recent advances in technology. Euclideon is a 3D data fusion, streaming and visualization Company that can play a key role in enhancing productivity, safety and profit.

‘The biggest frontiers of automation can make mines safer by reducing the number of personnel required on-site; but their biggest advantage is to make operations more efficient and less susceptible to disruptions.’ Austmine

Mining companies have recognized that data-driven planning, workflow control and decision making is critical to their sustainability and will deliver real value. Leveraging the best digital technologies including cloud-enabled mobility, big data-powered analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that mining companies are connecting the entire mining value chain from sensor to boardroom.

Developing data management workflows that deliver reliable, quality data for examination and understanding are vital and Euclideon can play a substantial role in this effort. Getting control over key geospatial data and related workflows is an important step toward achieving a breakthrough to becoming a digital mine and recognizing the desired productivity gains.

“The acquisition of LiDAR data is not a problem across most industries, it is the databasing, visualisation and interaction that is the bottleneck. udStream provides a solution to help with the storage and flow of point cloud data” Evan Jones Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BHP


As the mining industry embraces digital technologies it becomes increasingly reliant on sensor technology to help provide deep and live asset monitoring and tracking data. And with everything from automated trucks through ventilation and heavy equipment all needing critical monitoring combined with the cheap availability of sensor hardware, IoT adoption has further escalated.

‘IoT in mining has the potential to dramatically impact global safety standards as well as improve data relay and communications, across a robust underground network.’ Austmine

Accurate decision making and planning from internet of things (IoT), can furthermore lead to optimised safety, operational performance improvements and significant cost reduction. The missing piece of the puzzle comes in the shape of cutting-edge software that can not only store the massive amount of data, but also enable simple visualization and sharing.

Euclideon technology works and integrates with real-time IoT and point-cloud data, modelling and monitoring and streaming accurate infrastructure asset health diagnosis. With Euclideon udStream a clear understanding is provided of where assets are and what is the state of their health, presenting unique management insights.

Stats: ‘In 2019, the total assets value of the mining industry's leading companies came to approximately 1.14 trillion U.S. dollars.’ Statista

Corrective and predictive, preventative maintenance scheduling can be delivered ‘as and when’ it is required. Assets can be labelled with live information delivered from remote sensing technology, aiding monitoring and control. This helps reduce costs and facilitates enhanced management and operational flexibility of mine asset maintenance.

Mining companies adopting IoT technology combined with Euclideon are effectively enabling a real-time holistic view of operations. Say goodbye to instinct, guesswork and even ‘unforeseen problems’, with the ‘bigger picture’ always made available, at the fingertips of operatives and managers alike.

“Diverse mining activities collect massive geospatial data sets from many sensor and scan sources, including IoT. Euclideon’s ability to stream and visualize the collected data into meaningful 3D terrain infrastructure models sets the bar for what we previously thought might be possible.” Andrew Scott Innovations Barrick Mining


Hampered with burgeoning amounts of data inputs derived from multiple sources simultaneously, mining operators and managers face making critical operating decisions based on incomplete information. This is compounded by working under conditions where profit is under constant threat from factors such as increasing operational costs, changing geology, maintenance, risk, safety, compliance and production performance continuity.

Stats: ‘The net profit margin of this industry decreased from 25 percent in 2010 to ten percent in 2018.’ Statista

Common pain points include: siloed reporting, causing considerable friction, with everyone ‘not’ singing from the same hymn sheet. Inconsistent actual use of diverse types of data, resulting in diminished decision making. Also, ‘data left on the shelf’ and therefore missed opportunity, due to the misconception that it was simply ‘too big’ visualize and interpret.

Mining & METS companies don’t want to be trapped in technology silos, wasting time by moving data between software packages and grappling with different data formats – this is where Euclideon comes in. Euclideon adds clarity to the ‘data blindness’ by fusing together all data source types, both big and small into a consolidated 3D visualization of the object, asset, tunnel or entire mine eco-system.

Imagine a fully realized interactive 3D digital twin of the entire mine ecosystem or inter-connected tunnel section. Euclideon delivers this model; stream, share discover and gain insight from the exact digital replica of the geological or man-made feature.

Euclideon has proudly positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of 3D visualisation – setting new industry benchmarks and enabling customers to use data in completely new and exciting ways.

“The mining sector is increasingly relying on cutting edge technology like Euclideon to provide answers to spatial problems. Euclideon can fuse together data from different sources and visualize a 3D twin above or below ground that can be ‘truly game changing.” Andrew Scott Innovations Barrick Mining


As mining companies strive for operational efficiency, a deeper and more holistic understanding of ‘what the data is saying’ is required. The goal being sustainably enhanced production underpinned by live diagnosis data that can reliably used for critical performance decision making. Culturally however, mines often ‘make do’ with 2D data that is far from ‘real-time’. Not only that, but so much data is generated that the mindset exists that it can’t be handled and visualized effectively.

Euclideon udStream solves the massive data set handling problem. The udStream solution provides a detailed visualization of any or all mine geotechnical related environments. udStream works with a variety of point-cloud data types and generates stunning 3D realisations of cross sections, building, tunnels, regions or entire mine domains.

udStream is a cutting-edge technology that has been shown to help mining organisations move faster and innovate in the face of complex needs and shifting operating environments. It can easily visualize massive data sets for unlimited interpretation and work alongside and integrate with other data interpretation, mapping and analysis tools to help unlock the value in the data and help present a more complete and interoperable picture of the mine ecosystem.

With remote analysis of an exact digital 3D model, accurate asset measuring can detect the height, length, area and precise position of the object or tunnel for example. Euclideon udStream opens new opportunities for data discovery of difficult access environments, like tunnels, shafts and remote buildings. Furthermore, the 3D visualized digital twin replaces the need for repeated field visits for on-site surveying over many weeks.

Mining companies are known to incur enormous operating costs attributable to their infrastructure functionality. Euclideon udStream delivers the ‘missing piece’ of essential domain knowledge, enabling greater control of OPEX, with more productive workflows, deeper insights to maximize maintenance management, enhanced continuity, greater team visibility of projects and significantly improved overall infrastructure operating efficiencies.

“Euclideon have been great to work with developing solutions for visualising and working with massive point cloud datasets within the mining industry. They’ve listened to interpretation and analytical bottlenecks and have shown they are able to develop solutions and be agile with their approaches”. Evan Jones Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BHP


More data than ever before is being received and analysed as the number of connected devices increases; however, information obtained must be decipherable and functional to the end user.

Project planning with a Euclideon digital twin provides the ultimate solution. With a wholly accurate interactive 3D model of the entire site, mine operators are provided with the ability to discover, share, collaborate and adapt with proven technology, to help manage and drive change.

Furthermore, with diagnostic data allowing other control systems to operate from information collected at the local refuge chamber node network. Push notifications and data for a mine site will effectively and efficiently solve problems and reduce the additional need for personnel to be underground.

Mining infrastructures can network over many kilometres with vastly changing geological features and operating conditions over varying periods of time. With a deeper understanding of the threats, restrictions and interactions of tunnels, roads, embankments, overheads and buildings - service operators can unlock gathered data to manage and forecast activity, maintenance and compliance much more effectively.

Euclideon udStream empowers mining operators to optimise maintenance, operations, safety and cost in real time. Euclideon is on a mission to lead the digital revolution of the mining sector and with a digital model of all or part of the eco-system, workflows become streamlined, productivity enhanced and decision making optimised - the value in the data is truly unlocked.

“Managing costs and safety risks are critical factors in ensuring mining projects stay on track. Euclideon’s ability to create a discoverable 3D model enables remote analysis for a deeper understanding of critical changes likely impact on performance and success.” Andrew Scott Innovations Barrick Mining

Getting started with a project in udStream

With unlimited opportunities presented by visualization of mining assets, the time is right to discover Euclideon udStream. It’s time to collaborate, share, access, manipulate, interact and gain meaningful insights into critical operational projects.

udStream is now available for above and below ground data-visualization mining projects across the globe.

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