Thales and Euclideon visualise on a deeper level

Thales was first introduced to Euclideon in 2018 at an SME Industry Engagement Seminar hosted with the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN). Thales were immediately impressed by not only Euclideon’s stunning 3D graphics but how, in the background, they were manipulating terrabytes of data to provide real time moving images.  Thales’s Underwater Systems business has since utilised Euclideon for the display of disparate, high resolution SONAR data from differing platforms. With […]

‘Live’ Rail Asset Health Insights

Euclideon is opening up opportunities across the Rail market with a growing customer base taking advantage of live monitoring of passenger and freight RAIL assets via real-time IoT tracking. This monitoring enables up-to-the minute train data on a 3D model brings with it advanced capabilities for planning, situation control, risk management and fleet analysis, that […]

Euclideon udStream enables greater control of OPEX

Railways are known to incur over one-third of their operating costs attributable to their infrastructure networks. Euclideon udStream delivers the ‘missing piece’ of essential domain knowledge, enabling greater control of OPEX, with more productive workflows, deeper insights to maximize maintenance management, enhanced continuity, greater team visibility of projects and significantly improved overall infrastructure operating efficiencies.  […]

Unlocking ‘data value’ for Rail organisations

From visualizing massive 3D models of point-cloud data through real-time IoT asset monitoring to streaming access for change management of complex linear networks, Euclideon are developing tailored data visualisation solutions for the world’s largest Rail networks.   Here’s our Rail Solution Overview video:  Read More

The ‘missing piece’ of the operational Rail puzzle

Euclideon Rail customers agree that Euclideon udStreamsolves the problem that Rail owners, operators and managers face, of not previously being able to visualize massive amounts of cloud-point data, but how exactly do they use udStream on an operational level?  The answer is, ‘in many ways’. From visualizing massive 3D models of point-cloud data through real-time IoT asset monitoring to streaming access […]

IoT asset tracking moves Rail industry forward

Euclideon’s advanced IoT real-time tracking capability is set to revolutionise the worldwide rail industry. In addition to providing world-leading 3D data rendering of massive point cloud and photogrammetry models, Euclideon is opening up opportunities across the market for live monitoring of passenger and freight rail assets via a surprising feature – real-time IoT tracking. This new way of viewing up-to-the minute train data on a 3D model brings with it advanced capabilities for planning, situation […]