Euclideon Director of Business Development Positions udStream

Published by LiDAR News August 31, 2020 Euclideon Director of Business Development Discusses the Addition of a “Freemium” Business Model Lidar News had the opportunity to interview Steve Amor, Director of Business Development at Euclideon International concerning the recent release of udStream as a free 3D data visualization product. 1. Steve, could you please provide a […]

Digital Twins in focus – Q&A with Euclideon’s Steve Amor

Published by Position Magazine August 25, 2020 The just out August/September issue of Position takes a deep dive into a technology that is making waves in the industry – Digital Twins. As part of that coverage, we sat down with Euclideon’s Steve Amor, following the recent release of the firm’s udStream product, offering free and […]

30 Smartest Companies to Watch

Published by CIO Bulletin October 27, 2019 Euclideon Unlimited 3D: Unleash the Power of Visualization Technologies 3D visualization has become popular over time as various industries have realized its plus points. A company based out of Australia, Euclideon, has been a path breaking presence in this space, setting new industry benchmarks, and enabling customers to […]

Case Studies in the Land Down Under

Published by RIEGL International – The RIEGL NEWSROOM October 27, 2020 How an Innovative Australian Survey Firm, Orion Spatial Solutions, Used Euclideon’s “udStream” to Store, Share and Work With Big 3D Data on Three Unique Projects Orion Spatial Solutions is a survey company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The company has been using LiDAR on […]