Unleashing the rendering power of udSDK into Unity

About Us Euclideon is a technology company that specialises in digital transformation in 3D data consolidation, streaming and sharing. Our core products are Euclideon udStream and udSDK, which are tools to visualise Unlimited Detail 3D point-cloud, photogrammetry, and geospatial models of any size.   Our rendering technology has several unique qualities that make us distinct. Firstly, we use streaming which means that our rendering is as equally fast for petabytes (PB) models as it […]

New Release – udStream v1.5

udStream v1.5 Update

Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.5. View the full Release Notes for this version here: New Features: Added udCloud support Added support for Stereoscopic Side-By-Side rendering and VRPN support for tracked devices Added support for Kylin OS Added FBX support for Ubuntu 20.04 Extended markdown descriptions to all scene elements Improvements: Improved clarity of […]

New Release – udSDK v2.1

udStream Logo Banner

Euclideon has released udSDKversion 2.1 view the full Release Notes for this version here: New Features Added support for CSG and more advanced geometric shapes Added support to create UDG when converting (using the ‘.udg’ extension) Added attributes to not include during conversion Added libraries for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Added support for WKT to be used […]

A 3D geolocated model web app with navigation using udSDK and Cesium.

udStream Navigation Demo in Cesium

This article is an interesting read and great if you have skills with 3D programming and basic concepts of HTML, JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).  Introduction Rendering large point cloud models is a challenging problem, even more so in a web environment. With the limited resources available to web browsers, the common work around is to partition and tile the point clouds which will rapidly reach the limits of your hardware. One solution may be to throw […]

New Release – udStream v1.4

udStream Logo Banner

Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.4 View the full Release Notes for this version here: New Features – Added Section View tool – Added GLTF 2.0 support – Added feature to hide points based on classifications – Added (experimental) Temporal Anti-Aliasing – Added media placement tool – Added performance/quality trade-off slider – WKT can […]

New Release – udStream v1.3.1

udStream Logo Banner

Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.3.1. View the full Release Notes for this version here: Added support for natively visualising GTFS feeds Added popup to select a server (and removed ‘Server URL’ from the login box) Added support for large scale annotation and instanced models (Place Layers) Added world file support for TIFF conversion […]

New udStream Release – v1.3

Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.3. Here are some highlights for this release: A refreshed User experience, giving udStream a modern look and feel. A revamped User Guide has been embedded into udStream. The User Guide gives you quick tips on how to use the various features of udStream. A new flythrough recording system, […]

Introduction to udSDK in Unity

Today we will be exploring the features of our unity plugin. By the end of this post we will be able to load point clouds within the Unity editor, design applications using unity, and use some of the integrated features within Unity including Pointcloud picking Filtering of pointclouds Real time generation of local mesh colliders […]