Can the Internet cope with all this streaming?

Now, more than ever, the Internet has become a critical lifeline for billions of people around the world impacted by COVID-19. A vast portion of the workforce is working remotely. And more people in self-isolation and quarantine, means many more people are streaming videos and playing online games. 

Just to clarify, the amount of data we’re collectively using now is not actually the main cause of the problem. It’s the fact that we’re all suddenly using many more low-latency applications: teleconferencing, video streaming, and so on. The issue is not that the Internet is running out of throughput. It’s that there’s a lot more demand for data that needs to be delivered without any perceivable delay.

We need to visualize it now!

The internet is agnostic in it’s performance of distributing large volumes of data. It does not differentiate for the 1% of usage that is representative of the ‘must work immediately’ scenario ie video streaming.

A live visualisation of global internet health (provided by ThousandEyes), gives businesses a near real-time understanding of ongoing and recent internet outages that may be impacting the end user experiences of their customers or employees. Anyone can visit the Global Internet Outages Map at any time to monitor the current state of the internet, to see a historical timeline depicting outage volume over the previous 24 hours.

A painkiller for business

With internet usage up by around 50% in the last few weeks it remains to be seen if cloud and ISP’s will be able to cope with the heavy demand. Online solutions that can stream large files without loss of performance or data integrity will be identified as real ‘painkillers’ for business.

Euclideon Vault is one such solution. Vault is able to stream massive data models to be visualized without delay on a multitude of devices (without the need for high spec hardware). Customers are able to keep and store there data wherever they like and Vault renders very fast. In fact, it can visualize the entire world to 1mm detail, in less than 1 second. Here’s your chance to try it for yourself.

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