Euclideon udStream enables greater control of OPEX

Railways are known to incur over one-third of their operating costs attributable to their infrastructure networks. Euclideon udStream delivers the ‘missing piece’ of essential domain knowledge, enabling greater control of OPEX, with more productive workflows, deeper insights to maximize maintenance management, enhanced continuity, greater team visibility of projects and significantly improved overall infrastructure operating efficiencies. 

udStream is a cutting-edge technology that has been shown to help Rail organisations move faster and innovate in the face of complex needs and shifting operating environments. It can easily visualize massive data sets for unlimited interpretation and work alongside and integrate with other data interpretation, mapping and analysis tools to help unlock the value in the data and help present a more complete and interoperable picture of the rail ecosystem.

Accurate asset measuring can detect the height, length, area and precise position of the object. Euclideon udStream opens new opportunities for data discovery of difficult access environments, like tunnels, bridges and remote buildings. The 3D visualized digital model replaces the need for repeated field visits for on-site surveying over many weeks.

With unlimited opportunities presented by visualization of rail assets, the time is right to discover Euclideon udStream. It’s time to collaborate, share, access, manipulate, interact and gain meaningful insights into critical operational projects.


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