‘Live’ Rail Asset Health Insights

Euclideon is opening up opportunities across the Rail market with a growing customer base taking advantage of live monitoring of passenger and freight RAIL assets via real-time IoT tracking. This monitoring enables up-to-the minute train data on a 3D model brings with it advanced capabilities for planning, situation control, risk management and fleet analysis, that were never before thought possible.

For the RAIL industry, the need to understand, see and act based on real-time information is just one of the advantages provided by this technology. Inside Euclideon udStream, it is possible to view an instant 3D representation of entire city and nationwide RAIL networks, with positioning data rendering in the application virtually as soon as it is received from the IoT device. The live data is able to be viewed and streamed and shared instantly anywhere in the world via the Cloud, even to those with basic low-spec desktops or laptops.

Euclideon udStream Client – (Built: May 6 2020)

It’s easy to see why customers such as SNCF Reseau and Queensland RAIL are jumping on-board to effectively visualise their 55,000km and 6,600km of track respectively. The ability to simultaneously monitor a very complex network and have instant access to view live data anywhere in the country or region is an immense advantage. Corrective and predictive, preventative maintenance scheduling can be delivered ‘as and when’ it is required. Assets can be labelled with live information delivered from remote sensing technology, aiding monitoring and control. This helps reduce costs, expediate workflows and facilitates enhanced management and operational flexibility of RAIL asset maintenance.

udStream is now available for light, heavy and commuter rail networks across the globe.

To watch a video of Euclideon udStream with IoT live feeds, or learn more about how Euclideon udStream is working with Rail customers around the world visit our Rail area: https://www.euclideon.com/rail/


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