Imagine being forced to work from home then discovering something groundbreaking?

Imagine being forced to work from home then discovering something that changed everything you thought was possible?

In 2020, workplaces are embracing remote work options more than ever before. It’s also important to acknowledge that remote work isn’t going away any time soon. If anything, it’s expanding to more and more companies – especially with the growth of fast-paced telecommuting technologies, such as direct messengers or video chat software. Increasingly, cloud based tools are leading the way with benefits far beyond just remote access. Not only is data stored in the cloud more secure than ever but it provides the opportunity for centralized collaboration and inevitably ‘one version of the truth’ version control.

Here’s some remote working stats:

  • 30% of people report working remotely full-time currently
  • 82% of remote working people report a better work-life balance
  • Remote working has grown by 400% since 2010
  • 79% of people said they would choose to work remotely
  • 71% of people report more productivity remotely

Euclideon Vault is capable of visualizing and managing unlimited 3D point cloud data. In fact, Euclideon Vault is so powerful it could visualize a highly detailed 3D Map of the entire planet in just 1 second (that’s 37 billion TB of data). What makes this even more remarkable is that Vault runs across many platform types, with low hardware demands.