Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.5. View the full Release Notes for this version here:

New Features:
Added udCloud support
Added support for Stereoscopic Side-By-Side rendering and VRPN support for tracked devices
Added support for Kylin OS
Added FBX support for Ubuntu 20.04
Extended markdown descriptions to all scene elements

Improved clarity of the select all/none checkboxes when in mixed states
Fixed issues with Panoramas and Oriented photo's overlapping incorrectly
Extended scene item search to include node descriptions
Selected items are now scrolled to in the scene explorer
Added position box for images
DEM tile server can now be configured
Improved the auto-zoom for the map viewport
Fixed application startup times
udStreamConvertCMD outputs additional metadata info to the console
Angular units now display the degrees symbol
Fixed an issue where files loaded in the browser had a very low limit on the number of characters in the URL
Moved map tiles from settings to scene items to enable greater user control

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue where the SRID wasn't set correctly when loading projects
Fixed an issue where the base colour wasn't set correctly when converting FBX files
Fixed a crash on logout or program close
Fixed a very rare project corruption issue that could occur when using a lot of viewports
Fixed an issue where shape files on import weren't saving the default colour

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