Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.6 View the full Release Notes for this version here:

New Features

  • [Beta] Panoramic View mode to view bubble photo and LiDAR side-by-side
  • [Browser] Some scene interactions can now be controlled from the host page via JavaScript (subject to change)
  • [Beta] Screen space instant change detection
  • Added options to do batch exporting when exporting .uds files.


  • Fine-grained permissions from udCloud are shown more accurately in udStream
  • JPEG EXIF data is now processed immediately when added to the scene rather than over time
  • Media nodes are now loaded on demand when nearby rather than at scene startup
  • [Collaboration Beta] More consistent display for user list
  • [Polygon Filter Beta] Improved visuals while constructing
  • [Polygon Filter Beta] Added support for lasso selection
  • Added support for attribute affixes from the .uds files
  • TIFF importer respects the nodata header during convert
  • Added Query Groups to assist with filter management
  • [Windows] Riegl RDB files are supported to convert to .uds
  • Area of Interest can be used as targets for exporting
  • Added selector to switch between degrees and radians in the CSV importer
  • Added slider to restrict the range at which media node images will be loaded
  • Image resolution for media nodes respects the Performance/quality slider
  • A map layer is now added by default to geospatial scenes
  • CSV Importer has an additional Heading column option
  • Improved the server select modal for more clarity.


  • Fixed tearing issues on some AMD graphics cards at specific resolutions
  • More clarity with background work in Diagnostic mode
  • [Holographic Devices] Pitch is correctly locked to down in collaboration mode
  • Fixed issues with textures not loading correctly in some situations with relative paths for polygon models and media nodes in projects
  • Fixed an issue where Flythroughs wouldn’t save until specific user interactions occurred
  • Fixed issue with threads getting stuck after cancelling a login
  • [Browser] Fixed a stall that occurs when loading line styles
  • Spelling mistakes in localisations
  • Layering Map Tiles is now working as expected again
  • The mouse interacts with the gizmo more accurately
  • Fixed issues with URL encoding when importing scene items from the internet