New Release – udStream v1.3.1

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Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.3.1. View the full Release Notes for this version here:

  • Added support for natively visualising GTFS feeds
  • Added popup to select a server (and removed ‘Server URL’ from the login box)
  • Added support for large scale annotation and instanced models (Place Layers)
  • Added world file support for TIFF conversion
  • View sheds now occlude using terrain
  • Fixed flythrough exporting issues related to maps not being completely streamed in
  • Fixed an issue causing black areas in atmosphere rendering
  • Added Premium Required modal when attempting to use premium features from a non-premium account
  • Added transparency slider for images, panoramas and photospheres
  • Added search and filter settings to the scene explorer
  • Added German and Finnish (machine) translations
  • Added support for i3s
  • Added support for quotes in the Import CSV to annotation
  • Added popup with information on how to update to premium
  • Improved how movement speed is changed when using a controller
  • Command line convert now supports -ignore setting to remove attributes
  • SLPK models are now correctly lit by atmosphere
  • Fixed an issue where some SLPK models would not display correctly
  • Fixed bug where the markdown editor would remove the last character
  • Fixed issues with Earth radius calculation in some geozones
  • Fixed Gizmo not working in ECEF
  • Fixed issues with Polygon and UDS models loading on strange angles after project load
  • Changed direction of cross-section filter to go along the path instead of across the path
  • Default project extension is now .udjson to allow project association
  • Text files are checked for a valid UTF-8 encoding before trying to decode
  • Removed support for legacy Live Feeds

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