Euclideon has just released udStream version 1.4 View the full Release Notes for this version here:

New Features
    - Added Section View tool
    - Added GLTF 2.0 support
    - Added feature to hide points based on classifications
    - Added (experimental) Temporal Anti-Aliasing
    - Added media placement tool
    - Added performance/quality trade-off slider
    - WKT can now be used to set the camera geozone and during convert
  - Improvements
    - (Browser) Fixed viewsheds
    - (Browser) Improved 32bit Chrome support
    - Added point count estimation for TIFF conversion
    - Switched the map tiles to use higher performance servers
    - Exporting video sequesnces create subfolders to avoid overriding/losing previous exports
    - Lots of translation improvements
    - When using native dialogs you can now select multiple files at once for convert
    - The scene explorer enables/disables automatically based on the application complexity
    - udStreamConvertCMD version number tracks the udStream verion
    - udStreamConvertCMD can do clipping from OBB, Cylinder and Sphere shapes
    - udStreamConvertCMD can now convert TIFF, SLPK & (on supported platforms) FBX
    - Added Show All and Hide All buttons for the scene explorer
    - Added "Reload" button on UDS models to stream the model from scratch when there are issues
    - (macOS) udStream is now signed correctly so it will launch without being forced
    - Error states are more clear for conversion and they are also slightly more verbose
    - Mouse Height is now shown in the projection information (only Ellipsoidal height in ECEF)
    - Fixed some issues in the handling of some specific OBJ files
    - OBJ is an option for Export point cloud from a model with primitives (and LAS is disabled)
    - Fixed reprojection issues for some datums including Hong Kong grid
  - Bug Fixes
    - Fixed an issue causing visualisations to sometimes be inaccurate in regards to the height above ellipsoid
    - Fixed object highlighting not working when using classification visualisation
    - Fixed an issue where new modals being opened sometimes weren't focussed correctly
    - (Windows) Fixed issues with mip-maps not working correctly
    - Improved atmosphere flickering/flashing (particularly near the horizon)
    - Fixed some issues related to visualisation effects 'wobbling'
    - Projects deleted in the portal or by another user are now reflected correctly in udStream
    - Area measurement is more accurate on sloped surfaces and better handles complex intersections
    - Fixed a crash during conversion when more than 34 cores are available
    - Fixed a crash when there are a lot of overlapping UDS models displayed on screen
    - Significant improvements to the stability when exporting a large region of a large point cloud over the internet (far less likely to fail prematurely)

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