Euclideon has released udSDKversion 2.1 view the full Release Notes for this version here:

New Features

Added support for CSG and more advanced geometric shapes
Added support to create UDG when converting (using the ‘.udg’ extension)
Added attributes to not include during conversion
Added libraries for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa
Added support for WKT to be used during conversion
Added the u16 udRed, udGreen and udBlue channels used in many Geoverse Convert models
(Enterprise) Static library options for all supported platforms


Exposed “udRCF_ZeroAlphaSkip” render flag to skip rendering of a voxel after it is resolved
Exposed isVisible for project nodes (which is also synced/saved)
Exposed isPremium in udContext for premium sessions
Exposed a lot more error codes for udError, now matches the full set of udResults from the open-source udCore library
Exposed the standard attribute types
Exposed information about the attributes that are included in the conversion
Removed the generic “LiveFeed” project type and added the specific “GTFS” type
Exposed udRCF_2PixelOpt flag as a significant performance boost when speed is more important than pixel-perfect accuracy
Exposed udRCF_DisableOrthographic flag as a significant accuracy boost when pixel perfect accuracy is more important than performance
Updated udCore for a lot of improvements including significantly more accurate geospatial reprojection between datums

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with the embedded ASC importer
Fixed issue when trying to export or create very small (by point count) point cloud models
Fixed issue where the estimated point count took precedence in some cases even though the source resolution was known
Fixed issues where AVX was being used even though the CPU doesn’t support it
Fixed crash with conversion on machines with >34 cores
Fixed crash when rendering lots of models or models with significant overlap
Fixed an issue with export progress failing when exporting large areas
Fixed CA certs not being detected correctly
Emscripten / WASM
Updated all function names
Added functions to use intensity and classification voxel shader and change the server URL
Added the ability to create a context based on the domain the application is hosted from macOS
Framework is now able to be signed
Added support for the M1
Breaking Changes
The sizes of the following structs changed: udSessionInfo, udConvertInfo, udProjectNode
The udError enumerator was significantly changed. It now contains far more specific error codes and most of the more generic codes were removes.
udPointCloud_Export returns a fourth argument, a float pointer that will be updated with the export progress; this can be NULL
udPNT_LiveFeed was removed (The new udPNT_GTFS covers the GTFS version of Live Feeds all other versions are no longer supported)
All udProject creation functions require a pointer to a valid udContext object as the first argument now, udProject_CreateInMemory, udProject_CreateInFile, udProject_LoadFromMemory and udProject_LoadFromFile
udSDK 2.0
Updated and Rebranded Vault Development Kit to version 2.0 of udSDK.
Please Note: Euclideon will continue to port features from udSDK 1.6.5 across which will result in further API changes.
Breaking Changes (From VDK)
Everything has been renamed. Mostly this is as simple as anything prefixed with vdk... will now be prefixed with ud...
There are a few exceptions the most notable are;
vdkRenderView became udRenderTarget
vdkQuery became udQueryContext
udRenderOptions became udRenderSettings
Many changes in the attributes enums; vdkAttributeTypeInfo... to udATI... and vdkStandardAttribute... to udStdAttribute...
Login now uses email instead of username

If you need assistance, reach out to

Breaking Changes (From udSDK <= 1.6.5)
Not all features are available in udSDK 2.0 yet; Reach out to your developer contact so we can focus development where it is required to ensure we meet your requirements moving forward.
There is no direct upgrade path, the entire core renderer and convert pipelines have been upgraded and not all features are available yet.
Lots of features may not exist or will exist in a different format.
Specific changes since VDK0.6.0
Removed built-in watermark support (still available manually)
Fixed some LAZ and ASC conversion issues reported by users
Removed server-side license pooling (login to Euclideon Servers is still required)
Optimised login to require less back and forth with the server
Added support for server-side projects
Added user utility functions to Register, Change Password and Forgot Password
Exposed udStreamer information and added a render flag to disable streamer updates after render (ideally 1 update/frame)
Added preliminary support for storing primitives (currently limited to triangles) in the UDS file

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