Euclideon Rail customers agree that Euclideon udStreamsolves the problem that Rail owners, operators and managers face, of not previously being able to visualize massive amounts of cloud-point data, but how exactly do they use udStream on an operational level? 

The answer is, ‘in many ways’. From visualizing massive 3D models of point-cloud data through real-time IoT asset monitoring to streaming access for change management of complex linear networks, Euclideon provides ‘the missing piece of the operational roadmap puzzle’ by unlocking ‘data value’ for Rail organisations. 

Imagine a detailed visualization of the track and related asset environment, opening new opportunities for data discovery of difficult access environments, like tunnels, bridges and remote buildings. The 3D visualized digital model replaces the need for repeated field visits for on-site surveying over many weeks. 

Euclideon works alongside and integrate with other data interpretation, mapping and analysis tools to help unlock the value in the data and help enhance workflows and present a more complete and interoperable picture of the rail ecosystem.  

Here’s some use cases: 
– Project planning with a digital twin, prior to new crew arriving on site 

– Build and share complete 3D model of an entire rail network  

– Measure heights of bridges, clearances, overhead lines, stations etc 

– Add/remove objects from visualisations to understand how they interact 

– Visualise & export videos of the entire length of proposed track  

– Simulation along proposed routes including line of sight calculations  

– Monitor asset health with live IoT data feeds from rail ecosystem 

– Display interactive 3D visualised projects for public media consumption 

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