About Us

Euclideon is a technology company that specialises in digital transformation in 3D data consolidation, streaming and sharing. Our core products are Euclideon udStream and udSDK, which are tools to visualise Unlimited Detail 3D point-cloud, photogrammetry, and geospatial models of any size.  

Our rendering technology has several unique qualities that make us distinct. Firstly, we use streaming which means that our rendering is as equally fast for petabytes (PB) models as it is for megabytes (MB) models. This also enables the models to be hosted anywhere in the world, and stream to any device – eliminating download altogether. Secondly, our renderer is CPU based which enables our technology to work on devices that may have limited graphical capabilities. 

Euclideon udSDK

Euclideon udSDK allows developers to take advantage of our Unlimited Detail engine for 3D rendering. Developers can integrate it into their own software or applications to instantly render, manage and modify massive 3D datasets on low-spec hardware devices. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and soon to come on mobile and tablet devices.  

It is ideal for companies that have their own software development capabilities who are looking to significantly enhance the speed and performance of their existing 3D rendering applications. 


By integrating with Euclideon udSDK, we are able to visualise datasets of unlimited sizes inside Unity.

Our integration uses the PostprocessingV2 stack, and renders from the SDK, returning colour and depth buffers, which are composited into the scene using a shader. We enable interactions with the model, both through the SDK functions, and through colliders generated in Unity.  

We inject the render before transparency; allowing us to apply transparent objects including distortion shaders, and post-processing effects to the scene.  

In the future, we will accommodate URP and HDRP as alternatives to the PostProcessingV2 stack.

SDK Integration

The SDK is a robust toolset that underlies our core technology, Unlimited Detail, as well as our Unity integration. We have created an API wrapper for it in C#, as well as a number of components so developers can conveniently harness Euclideon udSDK inside Unity.   

Rendering Picking

Return positional points from the cloud with one click. We have provided the udCameraOptions component to interface with this part of the SDK.  

Depth of field in the scene being set to the pick distance, signified by the magenta dot. 
Depth of field in the scene being set to the pick distance, signified by the magenta dot. 

Query Filter

The udQueryFilter component allows you to specify a box that can filter the view of the models to a given camera. udSDK contains the ability to filter using sphere and cylinder primitives, custom geometry and boolean operators. 

Without filter applied, and with filter applied. 
Without filter applied, and with filter applied. 

Mesh Collider

The udMeshCollider component allows you to create a mesh collider based on a projection plane in the scene. This component samples the depth map and creates a flat mesh for collision perpetually during runtime. This is an effective method given that you know what actors need to observe collision, and where they are heading – like a player character. This method has been favoured because you can avoid pre-baking collisions on datasets too large for more conventional collider setups.  

Driving demo with collision planes below and in front of the car.
Driving demo with collision planes below and in front of the car.

Project Support

Our desktop application Euclideon udStream allows you to make projects that contain non-model information – including points of interest, annotations, media and static meshes. We have integrated Euclideon udSDK to import some elements from these projects into Unity allowing for cross-platform support.  

Demo showing projects loading points of interest, line of interest and media.
Demo showing projects loading points of interest, line of interest and media.


We have experimented with integrating a number of visual effects; we are trying to stick to built-in effects and publicly available assets so we can tailor our Unity integration to accommodate the most ubiquitous workflows, tools and effects. 

Depth of Field

PPv2 Depth of Field

Glass & Transparency

Glass Refraction shader from Standard Assets.

Shown in-situ alongside lidar scanned glass

Lens Flare – Unity asset store link

Sun Rays – Unity asset store link

[Image - examples from bendigo scene]

Aura 2 – Unity asset store link

Volumetric atmospheric light and lens flare

Left without, right with

Volumetric atmosphere with depth of field and sun rays

V-Light Volumetric Lights – Unity asset store link

Volumetric spot and point lights

Screen Space Reflections

Unity standard asset water


This article summarises the capabilities of Euclideon udSDK, and showcases what is available in the integration for Unity. It is a quick summary of the tools we have created in Unity to help you easily bring models into your Unity project and interact with them. We also demonstrate a number of visual effects, that you may wish to include to improve the visual fidelity of your models.