Professional Services

Facing your challenge.

What do we do?

Euclideon Professional Services will provide business consulting, custom solutions and development, project management, configuration, training, and technical support throughout the implementation process.
Euclideon Professional Services team works with your project team through the following phases:

- Scoping and Design of requirements and design of a solution that fits project requirements

- Custom Workflows and Development of the solution

- Software configuration and setup

- Training users on the Euclideon features and functionality specific to the project and agreed work processes

- Embedding and monitoring of the configured system and work processes

- Transition to support following the completed implementation

- Optional, ongoing further development of the solution, as required.

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure the implementation of Euclideon technology is a success so that our client achieves the maximum value from their investment. This approach relies on participation from key representatives from both organisations throughout the entire journey.

Ideally, these people will become champions for future projects and assist in the maintenance and setup of future projects. Euclideon typically finds that when these people are involved in the solution design and configuration, the amount of subsequent training required is reduced

Regional Geological Digital Atlas


A project to catalogue the entire collection of geological data in the northwest mineral province "new discovery program".

Funded by the Queensland government's department of natural resources, mines and energy and the geological survey of Queensland, they are bringing together data collected over a period of more than 100 years, for the first tie, into one platform for everyone to view.

We were able to assist the university of Queensland to put together a 3D model so large, that it stretched over 350,000km2 and yet included detail right down to the individual grains of minerals inside the core tray samples.

Business consulting

Our team of professional services experts can help determine how your organization can best benefit from Euclideon technologies - if we can't do it ourselves, our partners probably can. We won't be afaird to come up with an overall solution no matter what it takes.

Custom solutions and development

We can deliver an entire solution, or work with your own team to fit into your existing workflow. Our solutions team is highly experienced with development using C++, Python and JavaScript, plus frameworks such as Unity and Esri.


Our team can assist at any stage of your project, including system integration/installation if requested. Alternatively, we can set up remote monitoring anywhere in the World to manage your own hardware, or we can provide a fully managed and maintained solution to ensure that your solution meets your own SLA's.

AI & Analytics

AI & Analytics capabilities are integrated within Euclideon's udCloud platform, giving customers access to an industry-leading toolbox. Additionally, our highly respected AI team can add customized analytics features to solve your specific challenges - including deep learning classification & segmentation, ground removal, LIDAR classification, powerline extraction and 3D annotation tools.

Support and Training

We deliver 24/7 support to our customers around the world via a number of platforms, including phone support, email and community forums. Our support model is flexible and scalable to accommodate your organisation's individual needs and budget.

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