Data Visualisation

Hampered with burgeoning amounts of data inputs derived from multiple sources, Rail owners, operators and managers, face making critical operating decisions based on incomplete information. Working under conditions where maintenance, risk, safety, compliance and continuity are critical everyday components.

Common pain points included siloed reporting, causing considerable friction, with everyone ‘not’ singing from the same hymn sheet. Inconsistent actual use of diverse types of data, resulting in diminished decision making. Also, ‘data left on the shelf’ and therefore missed opportunity, due to the misconception that it was simply ‘too big’ visualize and interpret.

“At SNCF we have big plans visualised for the future and using Euclideon will certainly help us to keep on track.” SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

Asset Analysis

Euclideon udStream solves the problem. The udStream solution provides a detailed visualization of the track and related asset environment. udStream is a cutting-edge technology that has been shown to help Rail organisations move faster and innovate in the face of complex needs and shifting operating environments. It can easily visualize massive data sets for unlimited interpretation and work alongside and integrate with other data interpretation, mapping and analysis tools to help unlock the value in the data and help present a more complete and interoperable picture of the rail ecosystem.

Accurate asset measuring can detect the height, length, area and precise position of the object. Euclideon udStream opens new opportunities for data discovery of difficult access environments, like tunnels, bridges and remote buildings. The 3D visualized digital model replaces the need for repeated field visits for on-site surveying over many weeks.

Projects Insights

Railways are known to incur over one-third of their operating costs attributable to their infrastructure networks. Euclideon udStream delivers the ‘missing piece’ of essential domain knowledge, enabling greater control of OPEX, with more productive workflows, deeper insights to maximize maintenance management, enhanced continuity, greater team visibility of projects and significantly improved overall infrastructure operating efficiencies. Operators are provided with the ability to adopt, adapt and transition with proven technology to help manage and drive change.

"Euclideon has become a key operational part of our DNA, handling massive data sets to give us deep insights into the well-being of our rail network" SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

IoT Monitoring

Euclideon technology works and integrates with live IoT and point-cloud data, modelling and monitoring accurate network asset health diagnosis. With Euclideon udStream a clear understanding is provided of where assets are and what is the state of their health, presenting unique management insights.

Corrective and predictive, preventative maintenance scheduling can be delivered ‘as and when’ it is required. Assets can be labelled with live information delivered from remote sensing technology, aiding monitoring and control. This helps reduce costs and facilitates enhanced management and operational flexibility of rail asset maintenance.

Workflow Optimisation

Linear Rail assets can network over hundreds of kilometres with changing features and operating conditions over periods of time. Euclideon udStream empowers rail operators to optimise maintenance, operations, safety and cost in real time.

With a deeper understanding of the threats, restrictions and interactions of train, embankment, track, tunnel, overhead, signal, land, bridge and buildings - service operators can unlock gathered data to manage and forecast activity, maintenance and compliance much more effectively.

With unlimited opportunities presented by visualization of rail assets, the time is right to discover Euclideon udStream. It’s time to collaborate, share, access, manipulate, interact and gain meaningful insights into critical operational projects.

Euclideon is on a mission to lead the digital revolution of the Rail sector, with deep rail infrastructure and asset insights workflows become streamlined, productivity enhanced and decision making optimised - the value in the data is truly realised.
udStream is now available for light, heavy and commuter rail networks across the globe.

"We’ve seen tangible gains in overall productivity that have come from Euclideon helping us streamline workflows and collaborate on projects more efficiently" SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

Getting started with a project in usStream

Features include:

Use cases include:



SNCF French Railways


Operating 15,000 trains per day over 7,500 service tracks, the network provides nationwide services across France for passenger and freight, catering to maintenance requirements and allocating network capacity among the many rail sector players. SNCF Reseau oversees rail components that are in a constant state of flux with regular upgrading and modernisation operations to consolidate and boost performance.

SNCF Reseau uses for Euclideon technology include, cross-section measurements, line of sight object manipulation and for massive point-cloud data management of their 6 petabyte file database, allowing easy visualisation of very large individual datasets and streaming access for change management of their complex track network.


Queensland Rail


Queensland Rail’s purpose is to provide a customer-focused, safe, reliable, on-time, value for money rail service that benefits the community and, supports industry and is integrated with the wider public transport system. The organisation’s vision is connecting communities through a modern, world-class rail service. The Queensland Rail network extends more than 6,600 kilometres across the state of Queensland, Australia. The business operates three core services across city, regional and freight frameworks for passenger, commercial, tourism and supply chain customers.

In addition to providing udStream licenses to Queensland Rail, Euclideon has worked to present proof of concepts for future development, Internet of Things visualisation of Brisbane City trains on a 3D model in real-time, and historical preservation of important heritage sites prior to demolition upgrades.


East West Rail Company


Established by the UK Government as a non-departmental public body in late 2017, East West Rail is set up to accelerate delivery of infrastructure to support local and national strategies for the region. The East West Rail Alliance is made up of Network Rail, Atkins, Laing O’Rourke and Volker Rail. Their projects involve several phases, sections and delivery partners, but ultimately aim to connect communities from Oxford through to Cambridge.

The East West Rail Alliance has used Euclideon udStream to visualise massive scans for planning of the Phase 2 project between Bicester and Bedford.

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