Developing tailored visualisation solutions for the world's largest rail networks


Euclideon Vault features:

View accurate, survey-grade LiDAR point clouds

View Colour, Intensity and Classification channels

Simple Point Cloud tools - such as line measure, area calculation, edge highlighting, colour by height or distance from camera

Advanced tools - change detection for vegetation or ballast height; real time view-sheds

Internet of Things (IOT) live feeds

Export to LAS/Other common formats

Integration into Unity and Unreal* for games and simulation

Integration into ESRI Arcgis Pro (Coming 2020)

*Unreal coming soon

Our ground-breaking 3D data software suite, Euclideon Vault, unlocks a wide variety of applications for rail, train and transportation customers:

- Project planning prior to new crew arriving on site

- Line of sight to signals from driver's seat

- Bridge clearance for new rolling stock

- Visualise & export videos of the entire length of proposed track for public display

- Simulation along proposed routes - including line of sight calculations to existing residential properties

Track to Wire_Inset

Measure heights of bridges, clearances, overhead lines, station dimensions and more with survey-grade accuracy.

France's national state-owned railway company, SNCF Reseau, employs Euclideon Vault's world-leading 3D rendering technology for easy visualisation of very large datasets.


Examine accurate topography height of 3D scans with fully customisable cross-section views of tracks, bridges and more.
Configure box, sphere and cylinder view filters.

Video Below: Vault Client allows you to drag an adjustable box filter across a 3D model to display the cross-section.

View SHed (Line of sight)

Place a view shed marker anywhere on a 3D rail model to view single or multiple line of sight calculated in real time.

Image Below: The orange ring denotes the View Shed Origin.
Green displays visible area from View Shed Origin.
Red displays areas not visible.

Real-Time visualisation

Incorporate live Internet of Things (IoT) feeds of train, light-rail, bus, ferry and other associated transportation information onto a digital twin of the real world.

Terabytes of data

LiDAR is fast becoming a key technology for rail, transportation, autonomous vehicles, robotics and UAV's. Laser scanners mounted on trains capture in excess of 3 million points/second.

Euclideon Vault is the solution to visualise all of that data - in less than one second.

SNCF reseau (France)

OEBB (Austria)

Deutsche bahn (germany)

QUEensland rail (Australia)

east west rail (UK)

Euclideon specialises in hosting and providing a digital twin of the real world - for analysis, maintenance, planning and preservation.