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Quickly visualise intricate road networks of entire cities or countries with udstream

Government Road Agencies are capturing LiDAR scans of their road networks...

The challenge is their datasets quickly become very large and they struggle to manage so many individual point cloud LAS files!

The capability to handle very large point cloud models, with instant access to share and collaborate.

Road agencies can use udStream to quickly and easily plan routes for oversize loads using clash detection against bridges and other infrastructure along the route.

Visualise thousands of miles or kilometres in less than one second.

Euclideon udStream has been used to investigate road maintenance issues of TMR’s 33,000km road network. Before udStream, if an issue was reported, a team of surveyors and engineers would travel to the site, take measurements and devise plans for resolving the issue. Now all this work can be done from an office using LiDAR scan data, making it much faster and more cost-effective.

Take cross sections of your LiDAR data, and measurements within the app – then save and share across the world.


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