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udSDK 2.0.0

This is an updated and rebranded Vault Development Kit to version 2.0 of udSDK.

Please Note: Euclideon will continue to port features from udSDK 1.6.5 across which will result in further API changes.

Breaking Changes (From VDK)
Everything has been renamed. Mostly this is as simple as anything prefixed with vdk... will now be prefixed with ud...
There are a few exceptions the most notable are;
- vdkRenderView became udRenderTarget
- vdkQuery became udQueryContext
- udRenderOptions became udRenderSettings
- Many changes in the attributes enums;
- vdkAttributeTypeInfo... to udATI... and vdkStandardAttribute... to udStdAttribute...
- Login now uses email instead of username.

If you need assistance, visit our Support Centre.

Breaking Changes (From udSDK <= 1.6.5)
Not all features are available in udSDK 2.0 yet; Reach out to your developer contact at Euclideon so we can focus development where it is required to ensure we meet your requirements moving forward.
- There is no direct upgrade path, the entire core renderer and convert pipelines have been upgraded and not all features are available yet.
- Lots of features may not exist or will exist in a different format.

Specific changes since VDK0.6.0
- Removed built-in watermark support (still available manually)
- Fixed some LAZ and ASC conversion issues reported by users
- Removed server-side license pooling (login to Euclideon Servers is still required)
- Optimised login to require less back and forth with the server Added support for server-side projects
- Added user utility functions to Register, Change Password and Forgot Password
- Exposed udStreamer information and added a render flag to disable streamer updates after render (ideally 1 update/frame)
- Added preliminary support for storing primitives (currently limited to triangles) in the UDS file

What’s being focussed on next
- Improvements to primitives and support for them through more internal conversion formats and also through the custom convert API
- Improvements to the API and to bring in more features from udSDK 1.6.5 and UD2. This will result in more API breakage

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