Case Study; QLD NW Region Mineral Atlas

Project compiled by University of Queensland, Sustainable Minerals Institute

100 Years of Exploration Data
Covering Over 500 000 km²

“My vision is that we have all of that data together in single source, that can be accessed all at once – from regional geology scale all the way down to mineral liberation micron-scale pictures of the texture of different styles of mineralization. All available for explorers to refer to in a way that’s easily and instantly accessible and all at once… That’s one of the things that I’m a little bit excited about right now.”

Rick Valenta

Director – WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre, Acting Director – Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research

This is a project to catalogue the entire collection of geological data in the Northwest Mineral Province “New Discovery Program”. Funded by the Queensland Government’s DNRME and GSQ, they are bringing together data collected over a period of more than 100 years, for the first time, into one platform.

This will allow technical experts, and the public alike, to visualise the entire data catalogue in a way never experienced before, with the hope that it will uncover new knowledge that leads to increased minerals exploration activity and ultimately significant economic activity in these remote areas – benefiting the local, regional, state and federal economies.

You can view every geological and mineral dataset ever produced for the planet, if you wished. Euclideon’s udStream allows unlimited size 3D geospatial data to be positioned correctly into a world scene and easily viewed by any number of simultaneous viewers from a simple browser.

This solves many problems all in one go – now users don’t need to download large datasets, don’t wait long times to load them, don’t need specialised software and most remarkably, they can view enormous areas in real-time.

This project features in Steve Amor’s presentation at IMARC 2020. Watch the video below.

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