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SNCF: French Railways


Imagine more than 55,000km of track, visualised in less than one second

France's national state-owned railway company, SNCF Reseau, employs Euclideon world-leading 3D rendering technology for easy visualisation of very large datasets. But, with 55 000 km of tracks, 14 000 km of electrified lines, 2 800 km of high speed lines and some very old bridges and tunnels, the scale of the project was far from insignificant.

" Euclideon has become a key operational part of our DNA, handling massive data sets to give us deep insights into the well-being of our rail network"
SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

French Railway Network

SNCF RESEAU is a large organization with complex needs and layers of departmental interdependence. Outside of the usual operational considerations of rail including asset maintenance, safety control and project management, SNCF also contend with a large diversity of suppliers, agencies and partners to get the job done.

One of SNCF’s main goals is to continually feed their ‘clearance analysis database’ with highly accurate data. For this task, SNCF deploy 3 trains full-time, to LIDAR scan approximately 130 000km of tracks each year. Using Reigl scanners each train scans around 3 million data points per second.

SNCF use Euclideon’s visualization solution to remotely stream data direct from the LIDAR scanning trains into their ‘clearance analysis database’ from a web map interface. The database itself has over 6 petabytes of data (a petabyte (PB) is 1015 bytes of data, 1,000 terabytes (TB) or 1,000,000 gigabytes (GB)).

SNCF use a range of Euclideon tools, including the following:
• Cross sections
• CSV files integration
• OBJ objects integration for design visualization.
• Easy parameters for cameras pov. (Design of cameras integration in stations)
• Height colorization for flood analysis
• Camera trajectory for new signals visualization.

"We’ve seen tangible gains in overall productivity that have come from Euclideon helping us streamline workflows and collaborate on projects more efficiently"
SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

Viewing bridge renders with Euclideon

“At SNCF we have big plans visualised for the future and using Euclideon will certainly help us to keep on track.” SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard


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