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Euclideon is a fast-growth Australian tech company, best known for its Unlimited Detail (UD) 3D visualisation solution.

Euclideon’s geospatial software can be used to view, manage and share unlimited sized data models from any point of access. udStream provides a powerful central secure and flexible tool for working with point cloud, photogrammetry and other real world sources, including IoT and GPS.

Thales was first introduced to Euclideon in 2018 at an SME Industry Engagement Seminar hosted with the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) at Thales’ Eagle Farm site. Following the initial introduction, Thales’ Global Supply Chain (GSC) team was invited to visit Euclideon’s facility in Brisbane where they were immediately impressed by not only Euclideon’s stunning 3D graphics but how, in the background, they were manipulating terrabytes of data to provide real time moving images.

Dataset by GEBCO

Dataset by GEBCO

Early 2019 provided Thales with another opportunity to engage with Euclideon during the world renowned Vivatech technology show in Paris. The requirement for involvement was that the SME had to have a unique product that was visually pleasing to display and have relevance to the Thales global business. Euclideon fitted the requirement perfectly and became one of the main attractions of the Thales stand. Currently, there are a number of Thales businesses in Europe that are considering how to integrate Euclideon’s technology into Thales products.

Following success at Vivatech, Euclideon supported Thales’s activities at Pacific – International Maritime Exposition in Sydney. Thales’s Underwater Systems business has utilised Euclideon udStream for the display of disparate, high resolution SONAR data from differing platforms. With the continual advent of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) into modern Navies, the amount of large, high resolution data sets that become intermittently available is increasing. For such AUVs, there is a requirement to move away from traditional waterfall displays to allow SONAR operators to rapidly visualise and interpret increasingly large data sets in a decreasing amount of time.

Euclideon udStream allows the SONAR operator to ‘swim through’ the data, visualising artefacts from multi-aspects which not only allows for increased efficiency, but also increased efficacy in the processing of SONAR data. Euclideon and Thales look set to productively benefit from their close relationship, as they continue to embrace future technology together.

Dataset by GEBCO


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