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Make it your own solution

Euclideon udSDK allows you to take advantage of our unlimited detail engine for 3D rendering and integrates this into your own software or application.

For companies with their own software development capabilities who are looking to significantly enhance the speed and performance of their existing 3D rendering applications then our Software Development Kit is ideal.

What does udSDK solve?

The ability to render large amounts of geospatial data has been an important factor in the recent success of software applications that transition many industries to 3D geospatial information.

The main drawback of rendering large 3D point-cloud data has been that it is graphics hardware intensive. Massive 3D geospatial datasets cause computer systems to crash, our unlimited detail rendering in udStream eliminates this problem.

udSDK allows your own applications to instantly render, manage and modify massive 3D datasets on low-spec hardware devices. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and soon to come on mobile and tablet devices.

Download free code samples and/or check out our Github repos.

Integrate with your 3D visualisation software.

We have integrated our unlimited detail engine with Cesium, including a demonstration of a waypoint UI for multiple projects ready to go.

Gosses Bluff project rendered in Cesium Ion

We have Esri covered too.

Unity integrations make AR come alive.

Integrating Unity with udSDK allows us to create an interactive scene featuring big point cloud data. We use post-processing effects to combine the rendering power of udSDK with a native Unity scene.

Our integration allows us to interact with our point cloud data in various ways; for example, sampling the depth buffer with a projection plane to generate collision meshes. Pictured is a demo wherein we drive a car through the streets of a .uds model.


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