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The ability to render large amounts of geospatial data has been an important factor in the recent success of software applications that transition many industries from 2D to 3D spatial information.

The main drawback of rendering large 3D point cloud data is that it is graphics hardware intensive and so will slow down your computer as the 3D data gets larger. High resolution or large areas of data often cause computer systems to crash and so there has previously been a physical limitation of 3D data size – beyond which has been not possible for computers to visualize.

Euclideon udSDK allows your own applications to instantly render, manage and modify massive 3D datasets on low-spec hardware devices. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and soon to come mobile and tablet devices.

What does Euclideon udSDK offer for my company?

Euclideon udSDK allows you to take advantage of Euclideon’s 3D rendering capabilities and integrate this into your own solution. For companies with their own software development capabilities who are looking to significantly enhance the speed and performance of their existing 3D rendering applications then our Software Development Kit is ideal.

How do I use Euclideon udSDK?

- udSDK can be used to integrate into existing solutions or build standalone applications.

- We have included full documentation of all the functions you need in rendering, converting and modifying datasets with Unlimited Detail as well as sample code.

- Euclideon udSDK is provided as a shared library and a set of C headers for building applications on 64 bit versions of Windows 10, macOS High Sierra 10.13, Ubuntu (16.04).

Developers requiring Android Marshmallow (6.0) and iOS 11.4 should contact us for more information.

- Can be used with any programming language that supports C bindings.

We have built sample wrappers and projects in CPP, C# and python that you can use, with more to come.

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Pointcloud Visualisation In Python – Edition 2, In A Series

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Pointcloud Visualisation in Python – Edition 1, in a series

What? This series aims to allow you to easily create udStream SDK integrations allowing visualisation of your data in a context that is meaningful for your application.   Who? This series is aimed at developers and advanced users wishing to make the best use of  Euclideon udStream Development Kit (VDK)  for their specific workflow or custom solution. For a general purpose, high performance point cloud viewer, check […]
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Point Cloud Layer Integrated into Mining Software

Left to right: LIDAR Point Cloud, resulting mesh model, combined mesh and LIDAR

It is common for our mining customers to create a mesh model based on point cloud scans to allow fast volumetric computations and change detection to be performed. Euclideon udSDK allows integration of the original Point Cloud models to be viewed alongside the mesh without reduced speed performance.

Right: Open pit mine with Internet of Things (IOT) haul trucks.


Fusion of 3D Data & Point Cloud from Multiple Sources

Another common use case for the udSDK is the fusion of 3D data from many different sources into one scene. Typically each of these models are so massive (terabytes and above) that combining sources is enough to overwhelm computer performance. With Euclideon udSDK, they will load instantly inside your existing application with minimal change.

Any number of sources can both combined and visualized with Euclideon udSDK and layers easily toggled on/off.

Clockwise from top left: Photogrammetry layer, corresponding LIDAR Point Cloud layer, BIM model, CAD bridge model geolocated within photogrammetry.


Unity is a cross-platform game engine that is used to create 3D, AR/VR, games, as well as simulations and other experiences. Despite its popularity across many programming platforms, to date it does not have good rendering for massive Point Cloud. Euclideon udSDK is the perfect add-in to make the most of the advanced games physics engines of Unity whilst providing an ultra-fast way to incorporate massive Point Clouds and other static world models (eg. OBJ, FBX, etc.)


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