Render and share
your 3D data

Streamline geospatial data visualisation with udStream.

Data Friendly

Supporting all major file types for ease of use.

Industry Standard

Used by industries like mining, engineering and government.


Built for use on any device, including tablets & smartphones.


Using world-class geospatial positioning.

Free Access

Store 15GB of visual data across 3 projects, for free.


Bring value to your data with scalable models.

Free udStream software available now.

“We’ve seen tangible gains in overall productivity that have come from Euclideon helping us streamline workflows and collaborate on projects more efficiently.”
Frank Richard


Massive data clouds, visualised in minutes.

You capture your data

Capture your model area using a camera with LiDAR capabilities. The power of udStream means this area can be metres or hundreds of kilometres without affecting efficiency.

Convert it into 3d and build your model

Supporting all major LiDAR file types, import your data simply and quickly in udStream. Configure your model settings to allow for a robust and powerful real-time visualisation.

Visualise and discover

Watch your model appear before your eyes, and explore the area. Use udStream inbuilt tools to create workflows, anticipate disruptions, visualise networks and make calculations.

Share with anyone, anytime, anywhere

Viewable by those with your models unique access link and a free Euclideon Access License, you can share an unlimited number of models for real-time viewing, anywhere in the world.

Why Choose udStream?

Harness the unlimited power of 3D visualisation.

Uncapped Data Processing

With limitless data processing capabilities, data size is no longer an obstacle in viewing your massive projects. udStream can process billions of terabytes in a few seconds!

Limitless Collaboration and Shareability

When partnered with industry standard encryption and upstreams universal device-friendly capability, you can feel confident in sharing your realtime models with your project team. Share with anyone, anywhere, as many times as you need.

Realtime Streaming

udStream’s unique cloud-based operating system means that changes to your model or data set are immediate across the team. You never have to worry about your data sets clogging up your local computer storage, as it is stored in the cloud.

Industry Standard Encryption

With customisable sharing settings and industry standard encryption, know that your data is safe yet easily accessible to those that need it.

Download udStream today.

Unlock an entirely new way to visualise your 3D spatial projects. Optimise your workflow, collaborate with others and enhance project management.

Free with udStream.


Discover what is being done with udStream.


With applications in workflow, project planning, IoT, visualisation and analysis, the powerful capabilities of udStream allows for real-time diagnosis data and informed decision making.

Road and Rail

Visualise an entire network and/or project in real time. Analyse your assets, discover impacts of network disruptions and inrpveo project workflows with a single powerful software.

“With udStream, we receive 2D drawings from our survey people and turn those into actual features on the ground. Areas such as sewer and water, drainage and so on benefit from that.”
Michael Bleidistel


Incredible software, accessible to your whole team.


  • 15GB of secure cloud storage
  • 3 active projects
  • Rendering of infinite number of data points
  • Full-feature access
  • Lifetime access - no expiry!
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Unlimited sharing and collaboration
  • Central cloud hosting
  • Real time streaming
  • Universal device-friendly access


All of the Collaborator features, plus:
  • 50GB of secure cloud storage
  • 10 active projects per user
  • One-on-one support via email and phone if required
  • Internet of Things (IOT) capability


All of the Premium features, plus:
  • Unlimited active projects per user
  • One-on-one support with allocated representative, via direct line

Downloading udStream

Ready to download? Here’s what to expect.

Request your free access license

Clicking ‘Download Now’ will ask you for the details required for your access license. This should only take two minutes.

Download udstream

When you are ready to get started, download the udStream program to your device. udStream is universally compatible, operating best with Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Receive your access licence

Check your email for your unique access information, including username and resettable password. You will also receive some initial guides to help you get set up in udStream.

Convert your data into 3d using udstream

Follow the simple process including with your access license, and concert your data into 3D. This is done all inside udStream - no need for third party applications!

Visualise and collaborate

Explore all the features of udStream, and discover the power of your newest and most powerful geospatial visualisation tool.

Download udStream today.

Unlock an entirely new way to visualise your 3D spatial projects. Optimise your workflow, anticipate disruptions and enhance project management.

Entirely free with udStream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble? Search udStream’s flexible help forum.

udStream is designed to be universally compatible with systems. Euclideon recommends a download speed of 3MB/s for best results (minimum 128KB/s). Minimum system requirements for Windows, MacOS X and Ubuntu are: 


CPU: Minimum: 2 cores over 1.7GHz

Recommended: 8+ cores over 2.0GHz RAM: Minimum: 2GB, Recommended: >4GB 


MacOS X 10.13 High Sierra or later


 CPU: Minimum: 2 cores over 1.7GHz, 

Recommended: 8+ cores over 2.0GHz RAM: Minimum: 2GB, Recommended: >4GB

Users can access a free version of udStream immediately for download! If you are ready to start using udStream for free, click here

Premium and Enterprise licenses can be purchased through our friendly team of consultants. If you would like more information about these products and if they are right for you, click here to get in touch.

Importing data into udStream is simple. Our Euclideon Support Centre can walk you through the process:

How to convert my models into Unlimited Detail format (.uds)

How to load my dataset in udStream

You have access to plenty of support while using udStream. Depending on your license, you may be able to access:

1. The Euclideon Support Centre, with hundreds of articles, downloadable documents and videos helping you use udStream to its full potential. 

2. One-on-one support via phone or email (Premium and Enterprise access only);

3. Direct access to a developer when you need it (Enterprise access only).

The Euclideon udStream enables users to import 3D models and convert them to Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail format (.uds). udStream is designed to support all major LiDAR file types, including:

.las, .laz, .pts, .ptxs, .txt, .csv, .e57, .xyz, .obj, .asc (Esri), .slpk, .dxf

We have a solutions team that can do manual conversions for large customer opportunities. udStream is consistently developing support for more formats based on industry standards and adoption.

Yes! One of Euclideon’s most powerful features is the ability to share real-time models with your team.

 By default, udStream accesses data by streaming locally or from the cloud. These two options allow the central hosting of models to share and collaborate. 

Shared models can be accessed using the software platform or browser version of udStream. Our Euclideon Support Centre has more information on how to share models via the platform or via weblink:

1. Sharing a model via weblink

2. Hosting a model on Amazon Web Services

3. Hosting a model on Microsoft Azure

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