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Conquer ‘Data Blindness’ and Unlock 3D data value with udStream Free

udStream empowers immersive experiences, seamlessly delivering breathtaking, highly detailed 3D visualisations from unlimited sized point cloud data sets.

What udStream isn’t? It’s Not a demo, It’s Not a Free Trial, It’s Not Time or Feature Limited. udStream is a Free 3D data handling and viewing solution. Time to Visualise the World Free! The Free udStream solution and its related Free udSDK are being used by customers in diverse industries, organisations and governments to deliver -customized digital twin project sharing, streamlined workflows, deep asset insights and unshackled office to field access. udStream Content Creators can easily share projects across the business. udStream simply handles and brings to life massive point-cloud data visualisations at speeds previously unimagined. udStream works on desktop and Chrome browser.

‘Visualise the World’ Free with udStream!

udStream central storage - collaboration, version control and reduced data costs

Even with limited data bandwidth it is possible to host models centrally (in the cloud, or on your own network). This allows thousands of users to simultaneously access those models anywhere in the world to fast-track collaboration, ensure version control since only one version of the data is needed to be store and save significant data storage costs otherwise required for multiple copies to be saved.

udStream visualise massive 3D models instantly

No compromise between AREA and DETAIL. View an entire city, planet surface or ocean sea-floor. Imagine a 3D model so big, you could instantly view the entire world at 1mm resolution!

udStream works on low-spec hardware

Customers do not need expensive graphics hardware – udStream can work on tablets, mobile phones and other devices using only the Central Processor Unit. Recent developments mean that if it detects Graphics hardware capability it can optionally use GPU acceleration for even faster rendering if required.

udStream thin client, secure server & customisable udSDK

Our suite incoporates a client viewer, server for managing licenses and an udSDK for writing your own customised applications. Talk to our team today about how Euclideon udStream can revolutionise your industry.

udStream can be accessed from anywhere with a Chrome browser and internet connection.

Euclideon has proudly positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of 3D visualisation – setting new industry benchmarks and enabling customers to handle and view data in completely new and exciting ways. Euclideon udStream solves the massive data set handling problem. udStream works with a variety of point-cloud data types and generates stunning 3D realisations.

Euclideon udStream can deliver a fully interactive 3D digital twin of a building, object, landscape, railway, roadway, mine or seabed model. Then, stream, share discover and gain insight from the exact digital replica of the geological or man-made feature. All for Free.

"We’ve seen tangible gains in overall productivity that have come from Euclideon helping us streamline workflows and collaborate on projects more efficiently" SNCF RÉSEAU - Franck Richard

Harnessing the power of digitalization and workflow automation has become simpler, more accessible and cost effective with recent advances in technology. Euclideon is a 3D data fusion, streaming and visualization Company that can play a key role in enhancing productivity, safety and profit. With remote analysis of an exact digital 3D model, accurate asset measuring can detect the height, length, area and precise position of the object or tunnel for example

Developing data management workflows that deliver reliable, quality data for examination and understanding are vital and Euclideon can play a substantial role in this effort. Getting control over key geospatial data and related workflows is an important step toward achieving a breakthrough to becoming a digital mine and recognizing the desired productivity gains.

“The acquisition of LiDAR data is not a problem across most industries, it is the databasing, visualisation and interaction that is the bottleneck. udStream provides a solution to help with the storage and flow of point cloud data” Evan Jones Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BHP

Euclideon technology works and integrates with real-time IoT and point-cloud data, modelling and monitoring and streaming accurate infrastructure asset health diagnosis. With Euclideon udStream a clear understanding is provided of where assets are and what is the state of their health, presenting unique management insights.

The time is right to discover Euclideon udStream. It’s time to collaborate, share, access, manipulate, interact and gain meaningful insights into critical operational projects.

Features include:

Use cases include:

“By comparison, with udStream, the fact that we were able to ‘fly’ the entire island, look around and see landmarks and other reference points, made them gasp. I always believe in spreading the word when I find something that is truly game-changing—this is definitely such a case.” Michael Bleidistel, GIS analyst City of Richmond

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