How to use Vault Browser Client

4. Log in with your existing Vault account Username and Password.

NOTE: This will consume one Vault license – you cannot be logged into the desktop and browser client at the same time

Browser client limitations

One constraint is that you can only view models that are hosted in the Cloud – the browser is not able to load local files. We have included the standard cloud hosted demonstration models in the projects drop down menu the same as the Desktop version.

Vault Browser Client is intended primarily as a visualizing tool and not for conversion into UDS format. However, Convert DOES work, although again only for cloud hosted datasets – and you can only write to specific destination and temporary areas within the browser sandbox – there is no way to get the converted data out.

Special concerns for cloud hosted models

If you wish to load your own UDS models in the Vault Browser Client environment then you need to understand this next important bit. Due to browser and cloud hosting security settings, streaming models in the browser requires a HTTPS server with a valid certificate and support for CORS, 206 Partial Requests and doesn’t block referrer linking (hotlinking). The required allowed methods are HEAD, GET & OPTIONS and the required headers are Content-Length, Content-Type & Range. Your IT department will be able to provide this. Microsoft Azure, Alibaba AliCloud (OSS) and Amazon AWS (S3) are our recommended storage providers.

SOME KNOWN ISSUES: – Can only load models and point cloud files that are hosted in the cloud. – There have been reports of some users being logged out quickly. If this is the case we suggest you try switching to Chrome incognito mode (Ctrl-Shift-N). Again, please let us know your experiences.

OTHER ISSUES: Please email if you encounter any other problems, including as much detail as possible to enable us to replicate the problem. Screenshots are awesome!