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Euclideon Vault is a new suite of software that provides many ground-breaking features for users of Point Cloud datasets, including:

               Manage, view and manipulate Massive Point Cloud Data

               Secure, remote streaming of Euclideon Unlimited Detail point cloud models

               Open access to Unlimited Detail point cloud rendering technology

               Ability to stream Unlimited Detail models to a variety of mobile devices

               Built-in conversion of point cloud to Unlimited Detail models

Future features will include:

               Allow Internet of Things (IOT), GPS and other real-time feeds.

               Time-Based versions of parts of the model – ie, new scans of parts of the model can be included, and all time/date stamps can be viewed and compared.

               Collaboration tools with simultaneous, remote access.

               Built-in conversion of industry standard polygon/mesh models.

The introduction of Euclideon Vault has resulted in a much more integrated and simpler user interface with much more powerful features for existing Euclideon customers and also making it much simpler for 3rd party integrators.

Example screenshots of various point-cloud data sets.

Features of Euclideon Vault include massive point-cloud data sets hosted in the cloud and the ability to incorporate any map tile server with full integration into the data set.