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Holograms for industry

Our Holoverse rooms, when coupled with Holoverse Professional, offer Unlimited Detail for real estate, industry, STEM and military use.

Mass data visualisation

The Geoverse Mass Data Manager software offers the ability to view, manage and manipulate petabytes of data in the blink of an eye.

Hologram tables

Our Hologram Tables, a world first, offer a viewing system like no other - Fully 3D holographic visualisation for multiple simultaneous viewers.

Secure Data management

The Euclideon Vault offers a centralized system to control and distribute your data sets and viewer licenses without compromising on security.

Hologram entertainment

Our Holoverse rooms offer a unique and high-tech entertainment for people of all ages. Arcade games and attractions by Unlimited Detail.

Latest News

Geoverse 1.5.2 Update

Euclideon has released the latest build of Geoverse Convert (v.1.5.2), which includes support for Faro SCENE 8.0. This update will improve functionality and performance for many existing Geoverse users.

Download it Here!

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